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Looking for an unforgettable summer experience? Want to be part of something great? Then read on…!!

It has been said that a camp is only as good as its staff and we at Kayitz Bakibbutz know how true this is. That is why we take our staff hiring and training so seriously. If you are looking for a “laid back” or what is called in Hebrew a “sababa” summer job - the chances are that we are not the place for you. If you love working with children and are excited about working/living in an amazing environment then the summer camp for you is “Kabak” (Kayitz BaKibbutz). We are the only summer camp which is more than just a camp - we are also a religious kibbutz.

Who We Are
More than half of our staff is comprised of former “Kabak” campers and the rest of our staff are “Bnei Meshek” - children of the kibbutz. This combination takes the best from the “city” and the best from the “kibbutz” to provide our campers with creative, compassionate and energetic staff.


So what is it really all about??
A madrich’s day begins at 7:30 with Hashkama and continues until lights out. You will live in a bunk with – eat with - and participate in activities with your kvutzah. Throughout the day you will follow the schedule of your campers while monitoring the social, emotional and physical well being of the kids. Your concerns will be: Are my campers properly equipped for today’s activities? (i.e. sunscreen water hat - etc.) Are they getting along? (not isolating an individual) - Are they all accounted for? Your second job will be: To motivate the campers to participate in all activities. At “Kabak” we believe that the “dugma Ishit” method is the best educational model and the most effective method to motivate campers in general. Your participation as a referee at basketball or as an “extra pair of hands” at yetzira can bring those skeptical/insecure or homesick camper right into the activity.

We believe so strongly in staff participation as a motivational factor that it is not uncommon to see your camp directors participating in arts and crafts, floating down the teelah along with the camper, leading zmirot in the chadar ochel or helping with toranut. If you approach the activity with energy and good humor your campers will be “infected” with your enthusiasm.

Madrich Training
All staff will be required to participate in an intensive fun-filled educational seminar hadracha. The Seminar Hadracha runs from June 30th - July 3, 2014 and all madrichim must attend.

If you are interested in becoming a staff member please download an application form and fax the completed form to our office at 04-6062112. Please feel free to call us at 054-6746026.



Aseret Hadibrot
(very important stuff)

nNights Off
We try hard to arrange a night off a week for each counselor. Responsibility for scheduling the night off is the counselor’s. There is a signup sheet in the office and you must sign up 24 hours in advance so we can organize transportation.

Being a counselor is exhausting. The camper’s safety and yours depends on you being awake and aware. For this reason we have instituted a 1:00 a.m. curfew for all staff. This means that at 1:00 you are in your bunk. ) One night a week you will remain in your bunk with your campers at “lights out”. We suggest that you take an additional night a week to go to sleep with your campers. This will do wonders for you and for them!

nLeaving the Kibbutz
We care about your safety and want to know when you are out and when you have returned. If you have a special need to leave camp you must inform your Rosh Eidah and call them when you return.

nGuest Policy
Visitors in camp disrupt our daily programming and take counselors away from their responsibilities. We have a no guest policy. Alumni staff members are welcome to visit the camp only after first checking with Dvora Liss or Kenny Goldman.

In the spirit of dugma ishit, staff should be mindful that they are wearing the appropriate clothing. We try to keep fashion a low priority at camp/Kibbutz.

You will be a surrogate parent to your campers this summer, and it is your responsibility that they are dressed appropriately. Girl’s shirts must have some kind of sleeve, boys must have sleeves during tefilla and meals. Girls shorts/skirts must come to their knees.

Our job is to create a place where each and every child feels safe. Never permit campers to hurt one another physically or verbally. Helping your campers to find better ways of expressing themselves is an important part of your job.


Never use any form of physical punishment!!! If you have a serious problem with a camper, discuss it with your Roshe Eidah. They are there to help you.

We believe that raids are an invasion of privacy and can be very harmful to our campers and camp environment. Therefore we have a strict no raid policy for staff as well as campers. It is your responsibility to make sure that raids of any kind do not happen.

nOff limits
The swimming pool and industrial areas of the kibbutz are strictly off limits except during scheduled peulot. Girls bunks are strictly off limits to male counselors and vice versa.

Smoking/Nargila and drinking alcoholic beverages are prohibited and are cause for immediate dismissal.

Basic Camp Day
7:30 - Hashkama
8:00 - Tefilla
8:30 - Breakfast
9:00 - Misdar Boker
9:30 - Sheur
10:00 - First Peula
11:00 - Second Peula
12:00 - Third Peula
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Fourth Peula
14:30 - Fifth Peula
15:30 - Rest period
17:00 - Afternoon Peulot
18:00 - Showers
19:00 - Aruchat Erev
19:40 - Mincha-Maariv
20:00 - Night Tochnit




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